Weight Training Builds Strength and Muscle

By | 4th May 2017

Weight Training Builds Strength and Muscle

We all know that Weight Training builds strength and muscle, but we don’t all know how it works. The science behind building strength and muscle is a very interesting topic. I believe that every bodybuilder or weight trainer should at the least have a basic understanding of how the body builds muscle. The body consist of many types of muscles, but mainly skeletal muscles. When performing any weight training you are targeting skeletal muscles the most. The human body consist of 650 skeletal muscles which you use on a daily basis.


Two Types of Muscle Growth

There are two physiological factors that define muscle growth. These two factors are Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia.


Hypertrophy is the increase in size of muscle fibers which in turn increases the muscle mass. This mass increase comes from progressive overload over time. There are two forms in which hypertrophy takes place, sarcomere and sarcoplasmic. Sarcomere hypertrophy is the increase of muscle density from the increase of myofibril size. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is the increase of muscle size due to swelling.


So when we think of strength training for powerlifting, sarcomere hypertrophy is taking place to increase strength, such as Andrey Malanichev. When we think of bodybuilding, Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is taking place to increase muscle size, such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


Muscle Tension


Muscle tension, also know as TUT(time under tension) is the time in which a muscle is tensed during a workout or set in a workout. This form of training is used by bodybuilders, power lifters, and also used for physical therapy in muscle conditioning. TUT can help build muscle size and strength. When doing a regular set of bench presses most people tend to take 2-5 seconds per rep, when doing a set performing TUT the average time per rep is 10-15 seconds. Incorporating TUT in your workout can really yield more muscle mass and endurance.

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