Beginners Weight Training In a Nutshell

By | 30th April 2017

Beginners Weight Training

Well i’m guessing since you have made it to this post, either you’re new to weight training or you’re seeking further guidance. In this brief beginners weight training guide to weight training we will outline some of the essentials you need to know. Here at Amped Body we strive to bring great content to help you accomplish your goals and further your education.  

What is Weight Training

Weight training is defined as any physical training that requires
weights to complete. Whether you are focusing on muscle strength or muscle
mass, weights can help you accomplish this by the force of gravity. This can be
done with dumbbells, barbells, mechanical machines, or cable machines. There are many different workouts and ways to perform them with these machines. Now that we have a small understanding of weight training let’s go deeper into the rabbit hole.

Weight Training Etiquette

Just like anything else we do in our lives there’s a certain standard of etiquette “most” people follow. Like leaving a tip after eating out
at a restaurant, it’s just common etiquette. Here are the most common etiquette’s in weight training:     

  •       If you are not sure what you are doing or what equipment to use
    just ask. The only dumb question is the one not asked. More than likely most
    people at the gym won’t mind the questions because we have all been there.
  •        When lifting weights you are bound to sweat and drip that sweat
    all over the equipment you are using, make sure you either have a towel or use
    what the gym makes available to wipe off the equipment you used. No one wants
    to workout in some other person’s sweat.
  •        Ever seen someone using a butcher knife to cut an apple? Probably
    not. When in the gym, make sure you are using the correct equipment when
    working out. No need to hold up another person’s workout because you are using
    the wrong equipment.
  •        Make sure after every completed workout you return your weights or
    equipment to its original location. No one wants to get to a station and have
    to remove a whole bunch of weight they don’t need.
  •        Be courteous and respect others! Do not talk about other people’s workouts;
    everyone has their own thing that works for them. Never sit on equipment
    talking to someone else or on your phone. Try not to interrupt someone’s
    workout unless it is absolutely necessary.

        Weight Training Mistakes

 In life there are many mistakes we can make that alters our improvement, likewise in weight training, there are many mistakes you can make that can cause injury or halter improvement. These are some basic mistakes you can easily avoid:

  •         The biggest mistake I have seen is people getting intimidated in the gym. Don’t worry about what anyone else looks like or what they are lifting. Chances are they started off where you are, if anything ask them for tips.
  •         Make sure before you even step foot in the gym that you have set goals. Without goals you won’t know what to do or you may get lost or cause injury by working out too many areas.
  •         When working out it is essential to learn your weight limit. You do not want to use too much weight or too little weight. When using too much weight your form suffers and in turn this can cause strain on your muscles which can cause injury. Too little weight cause too many reps which can cause the same effect as too much weight.
  •         Make sure you are getting adequate rest in between workouts or reps. A standard resting period is usually between 30-60 seconds of rest.

What Will Work For You?

There are so many workouts out there today that it is hard to know what will work for you. Every workout you come across will claim to be the best workout or the best workout for you. To find the correct workout for yourself you need to set your goals. What do you want out of weight lifting? Once you figure that out you  can go from there.

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